Online Database has evolved through the years and consists of vehicles from all over the worlds, and of all ages. We provide a separate list of all of the vehicles that Movie Time Cars owns and a list of vehicles registered and possibly accessible. We also have motorcycles, boats and aircrafts as options. Give us a call for all of your vehicle needs.

Vehicle Research

Our knowledgeable staff is able to assist in researching vehicles for your production. Whether it is a period piece or a specific car needed, we can look help get the right car for the your production.

Script/Schedule Breakdown

Send us your schedule and we can break down what cars work on what days. This gives both our office, as well as you, a better gasp of what cars work when. We also ask that you add us to call sheets. Our office reads over the call sheets to be a second set of eyes for what is happening each day.

Daily Schedule Confirmations

We, at Movie Time Cars, understands that cars are often just one aspect of your job. We try to make it a little easier by making it a part of our daily routine to email a daily confirmation of what cars are scheduled to work the following day. This confirmation consists of a list of cars working, location, call time and on-set contact. This gives you reassurance that you are all set for the next day or an early opportunity to let us know if anything has changed.

Graphics, Paint Jobs and More

Movie Time Cars, Inc. can provide graphics for any picture car. From basic taxi and police graphics to complete wrapping of a vehicle, with enough time, you can create the exact car you need.


Movie Time Cars, Inc. owns it's own flatbeds to deliver picture cars to and from locations as well as last minute add-on accommodations.

Glass & Glazier On Set

If your scene requires breaking of glass, clear glass, and/or tinting of glass, we can do that either on set or at our facility.

In-House and On-Set Mechanic

Our in-house mechanic services all of our cars prior to sending them out to set. Our vehicle prep-list ensures that we review all the basic functions of each vehicle before it is sent out to your set.

Matching Vehicles

Our attention to detail allows us to not only find matches to vehicles, but also create matches when needed: from matching exterior colors, emblems, changing front ends, interiors and more.


Movie Time Cars, Inc. has a 10,000 sq. ft. building that presently houses two fire trucks, a motorhome, and several of our vehicles. We also have two large lots for over 200 vehicles that we own as well as several production vehicles stored here.


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