Q: How old does my vehicle need to be?

A: Any year. Vehicles of all years are used.

Q: Does my vehicle have to be in mint condition?

A: No. Depending on the production, vehicles in any condition may be used.

Q: What about vehicles other than automobiles?

A: Yes. We use all different kinds of vehicles.

Q: How much do I get paid?

A: It depends on type of production, type of vehicle, length of rental and number of days actually used. The most important factor is the price you set yourself.

Q: How do I get paid and how long do I have to wait?

A: You get a check from Movie Time Cars within within 3 working days of use.

Q: Do I have to have insurance?

A: No. The production company insures the vehicle from the time it arrives at the location until the time it leaves. If Movie Time Cars transports the vehicle, then we insure it during transport.

Q: How does my vehicle get to location?

A: All vehicles are transported on flatbeds by Movie Time Cars staff, both to and from locations.

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